Sunday, June 24, 2018

"Paranautical Activity" Review

Those who miss the fast-moving FPS heyday of "Doom," Quake" and "Duke Nukem" may feel "Paranautical Activity" call out to them.

Whether or not that call is worth answering is up for debate.

A hit-and-miss tribute to a bygone era, the speedy, visually retro-styled throwback carries both charms and hindrances of the games to which it pays tribute.

There is fun to be had for those willing to overlook choppy movement, cheap enemy exploits and erratic hit detection. Inventive weapons satisfying methods to dispatch enemies and slick pacing helps you to overlook the problems and keep coming back for more.

Hidden items, blowout boss fights and a springy dubstep soundtrack help had pep to the affair, but the construct tends to wear thin during extended play sessions.

"Paranuatical Activity" may struggle to hold your interest, but if you're willing to revert back to the patience level you had when you were 20 years younger, you'll experience more joy than annoyance. You could do better for your gaming dollar, but you could also do plenty worse.
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