Saturday, June 02, 2018

"PixelJunk Monsters 2" Review

All the rage in the PS3 era, PixelJunk games have fallen out of fashion. The tower defense extravaganza "PixelJunk Monsters 2" looks to inject some momentum into the faded franchise.

Moving from the 2D plane to 3D with aplomb, the dev team from Spike Chunsoft and Q-Games brings back the feel of one of the most beloved tower defense titles.

Some may knock the game for its antiquated gameplay loop, with few nod to complications that have become genre norms over the past decade, but there's something to be said for the clean, sharp routine of the original, replicated well in the sequel.

The bright, expansive play fields shine, making it tough to go back to the original "PixelJunk Monsters." The sequel manages to move the franchise forward without aping the many games the original inspired, all while staying grounded with the original feel and flow.
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