Saturday, June 02, 2018

"Runner3" Switch Review

Dating back to the DSiWare and Wii Ware days, Bit.Trip games seized the imagination and attention of Nintendo-centric gamers.

One of the most popular and successful offshoots was the "Runner" series, which inspired hordes of clones and which Nintendo itself tried to copy to mediocre effect in its "Super Mario Run" mobile game.

Released both digitally and on cartridge on the Switch, "Runner3" is the coup de grace that shows exactly what an auto-runner game can be.

Designed with branching-path levels, an accommodating checkpoint system and a challenging points system that keeps you going back to try to iron out perfect runs, "Runner3" brings back the best of what the series had to offer while pushing it in new directions.

Wall-jumping, slide-jumping, kicks and floats are all techniques you'll have to master to keep CommanderVideo thriving through the gauntlet. A helpful tutorial system helps you nail the basics, but it's on you to put in the work necessary to master the intricacies of the various ways to apply them to speed up and smooth out your runs.

With a light, happy and funky tone, "Runner3" keeps things lively and buoyant, making it worth running, rather than walking, to pick it up.
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