Thursday, July 26, 2018

"Banner Saga 3" Review

The final chapter of the Viking-themed RPG series builds upon the first two games with confidence and relish, advancing the narrative in meaningful ways while staying true to the foundation on which it was built.

From the opening scenes, "Banner Saga 3" proves to be the most cinematic entry in the trilogy, setting up its story with sweeping animations and gripping writing.

While playing the first two games enriches your experience, you can also use the third game as the entry point. A helpful catch-up gets you up to speed before you dive into the fray. Equally helpful to continuing players is a save import that allows you to relay your choices from the first two games to shape the final chapter.

Combat remains a strategic tour de force, with several tactical paths to pursue as you look to outmaneuver your enemies. The scale and precision of the battles are every bit as compelling as the well-crafted story segments.

Taken as a whole, the product reaches the storytelling momentum of a TV miniseries, with rich characters interacting in dense scenarios with sprawling thematic implications. In addition to being the most profound of the trilogy, "Banner Saga 3" is also arguably the most replayable entry. A seminal sendoff to one of indie gaming's greatest triumphs, the game carries its banner proudly.
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