Saturday, July 28, 2018

"Ultra Space Battle Brawl" Review

Marrying the fighting game formula with an "Arkanoid" concept, "Ultra Space Battle Brawl" pits two floating combatants against one another, both protecting a base of fortified blocks.

Using a repertoire of basic attacks and specials, they bat a ball back and forth, trying to sneak it past the opponent and wear down the blocks guarding the opponents' base. You win not by knocking out your enemy, but by destroying what he's trying to protect.

The concept is clever in its simplicity, making every battle a frantic fray of ricocheting projectiles, dramatic momentum shifts and brutally decisive finishes.

Graphics that hearken back to the 16-bit days of the 1990s, as well as a chiptune soundrtrack, enhance the nostalgic tone, making the whole package seem like a lost arcade classic.

"Ultra Space Battle Brawl" no doubt would have munched up mountains of quarters had arcade developers dreamed up the concept a quarter century ago. Even if that had happened back in the day, the Switch version would be the optimal way to experience its thrills and spills.
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