Monday, July 30, 2018

"Code of Princess EX" Review

The latest effort from developer Nicalis, "Code of Princess EX" is yet another rock-solid RPG to grace the Switch. An HD upgrade to the 2012 3DS title, the game is a natural fit on the Switch.

A stirring story set to a sweeping score, the game will give fans dozens of hours of material in which to lose themselves, captivated by the stirring dramatic arcs, intense battles and head-spinning twists that fit together as puzzle pieces to form the entire picture. While not all aspects of the game have aged well in the past six years, its retro feel helps it hold up surprisingly well.

Visceral combat is the order of the day, tasking you to maraud opponents in the button-mashing manner of "Diablo" or "Gauntlet," plugging your way through battles with twitch reflexes and timing rather than turn-based dice rolls.

With more than 50 characters to mix, match send out into the fray, level up and use to strategize, the amount of options to choose from is dizzying. The myriad options allow you to get the most out of the game by tinkering with your tactical options as you try, fail, regroup and come back a bit more knowledgeable and powerful.

While not a title for everyone's tastes, "Code of Princess" manages to satisfy most of the checkmarks that enthusiasts long for. The remake is easily the definitive version, so those who have harbored interest in the game but never taken the leap will find the best time to do so is now.

Publisher provided review code.

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