Tuesday, July 24, 2018

"Iro Hero" Review

Fans of "Galaga" and "Ikaruga" will be all over "Iro Hero," the latest in a long line of bullet hell shmups that blast away at each other for Switch gamers' attention.

As in "Ikaruga," you're given the power to shift polarities mid-battle, granting yourself an edge on the endless bombardment of formation-attacking baddies.

Your task is not only to ramble your way through the increasingly hellish levels, but to do so with enough style and precision to help you claw your way up the leaderboards.

Although most games of this ilk are light on brainpower, "Iro Hero" doesn't let you check out mentally. Puzzle-style challenges are packed into each level, challenging you to out-think your surroundings rather than rely on simple firepower to get you out of every jam.

"Iro Hero" is a short, arcade-style game meant to be played through multiple times in single sittings, always challenging you to step up your game and match the intensity that the AI and your phantom leaderboard rivals are hurling at you. Be prepared to wear out your JoyCons and scream at your Switch screen in agony and delight.
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