Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The best place to find comedy

Is often your neighborhood church. This church my wife drags me to is asking its followers to donate 90 percent of the tax rebate checks they get to them. The pitch went "How lucky are you that the Lord lets you keep 90 percent of your income and all he asks for is 10 percent. How about just this once you tithe to yourself and give the rest to God?"

My immediate response, other than stifled laughter, was "Go tithe yourself."

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Judicial said...

The greedy bastards must need more money for the super expensive Eliot Spitzer style whores! Doesn't the scripture go: "Would a man rob God of whores? And you say, 'wherefore in have we robbed God of whores? And he said: "In not paying for the Eliot Sptizer style whores." It's in the Book of Amos I think.