Monday, April 07, 2008

Hell yes, Bases Loaded is on the Wii's Virtual Console now

"Bases Loaded" shaped the way I view baseball.... and in turn, life itself.

Today is like the end of "Con Air." I feel like the stuffed toy rabbit, and Nicolas Cage (Nintendo) is giving me back to his little daughter (Wii) after too many years apart, and the song "Hoooow Do Iiii Liiiiiiive Without You" is playing in the background.

I love "Bases Loaded." Doesn't everybody? Oko on Philly is the best natural athlete I've ever seen in my life, and Paste on Jersey is no slouch either. Paste-Oko, and not Obama-Clinton, would truly be the dream ticket.

There's also a player in the game named Saint, forget which team he plays for. One of my friends I used to play it with couldn't read for shit and pronounced Saint as "Satan."

I once played this game on "Bases Loaded" that was such a dramatic and inspiring comeback I made my own sports section about it. I wrote a headline, drew a picture, wrote up the box score in and had a game story with quotes from the players who participated in the historic event.

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