Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin, the sun and Mickey Mouse

It was painful to hear that George Carlin got capped last night. That notorious gangster known as heart failure pulled out its nine and did a drive-by, and thus we're without the greatest comic legend mankind has ever known. I'll be pouring a 40 on the ground and getting a tattoo of a tear underneath my eye, in a figurative sense.

Carlin and I saw things quite differently. He worshiped the sun, while as a Tucson resident I curse it. But one thing we always had in common was our hatred of Mickey Mouse. Why do kids today even know about Mickey? He's never in any movie or on TV shows. He's just an figurehead who rules by proxy, through no merit of his own. Now Carlin is free of this Mickey-infested world, and if heaven exists, though he adamantly didn't believe in it, I'm sure he'll find plenty of things wrong with it and turn the material into some fresh standup.

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