Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Every time I hear the real estate industry is doing badly, it makes me feel good. Just like whenever I'm depressed about how the Cardinals are doing I take a look at the Lions, see how they're doing just as bad or worse, and I feel a little better.

Watching realtors (I refuse to capitalize the r out of spite) lose their jobs at a faster rate than print journalists is a the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine down while I wait for newspapers to figure out how to make good money online or for people stop wanting their news immediately and revert to waiting for it the day after.

I'm enjoying this while I can, because in five years things will probably be different. I'll be jobless and foreclosed on and some realtor will be making a commission off of selling it for four times what it's worth now.

By the way, I'm amazing because I spelled schadenfreude right on the first try. 1990 De Grazia elementary spelling bee champ REPRESENT.

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