Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My MySpace message to Jon Favreau

My MySpace depression I was stewing in after Mitt Romney had rejected my friend request was lifted when Jon Favreau accepted my virtual friendship. I sent him this message:

Jon, I've wanted to tell you this story for five and a half years.

In early 2003 Heather Graham came to Phoenix for an interview in support of "The Guru." It turned conversational and she was even asking me what she should do next in her career. We started talking "Swingers." I had just finished watching your DVD commentary where you talked about having a crush on her when you were rehearsing the dancing scenes at her apartment, and how disappointed you were when romance failed to spark.

I brought it up and she seemed sort of stunned, longing and regretful. She said she had no idea about your feelings and talked about how great you were. This wasn't glossy, prefabricated praise. It really came from the heart.

So I think you definitely could have hooked it up back then had you been a little more direct.

Her revelation hit home to me because in my meek single years I collected many similar friend-zone situations that have continued to gnaw at me and I've always wondered which ones might have panned out.

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