Monday, November 03, 2008

Suppress the vote

No need to vote tomorrow because your voice doesn't count. It takes too much time and you don't get anything for your troubles. All the polls are skewed and the voting machines are rigged, but even if they weren't it wouldn't matter because all elections are really decided by Freemasons.

And no matter who wins, the controlling party won't do anything of substance to help you, and you'll continue to while away your life on your own little hamster wheel, never getting ahead. Those who vote for the winner will be let down and disillusioned by their candidate, and those who backed the loser will only stew in their hate-filled bitterness, doing everything they can to make everyone around them as uncomfortable as they are.

There's especially no reason to vote if you happen to be old, because any significant changes enacted by the president won't have any marked effect on the country until you've got one foot in the grave. And if you're young than there's REALLY no need to waste your time voting because you're probably uneducated about what's going on and would only skew the democratic voices by spewing your uninformed drivel onto the ballot.

Anyone planning on voting for John McCain can stop now. Those who plan on voting for Barack Obama, read on.

OK, good. Now that we've gotten rid of those losers, get out there and vote for Obama. Arizona's a tossup state, baby, and we can do this.

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