Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm intrigued by the words "webisode" and "webinar," which have me thinking what other great hybrid words we could come up with if we attach the web- prefix and disregard coherent word structure and a sensible pun scheme. Here are a few I came up with, along with their meanings"

Webward - A nickname for someone named Edward who is interested in the Internet.

Websuit - A skin-tight suit you wear by surfing on the Internet.

Webbing - An online marriage ceremony, only allowed between heterosexuals in Florida, Arizona and California due to recent voter referendums.

Webster - A cute little 1980s sitcom star who would say the darndest things.

Webpon - A e-mail print-out of a picture of a gun.

And why stop there? I think "web-" should be added to all words, and in fact should be used at least once per sentence, as the Smurfs would the word "smurf." Let's do this, folks.

I mean, let's web this, webs.

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