Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why I want the robots to enslave us

Sci-fi writers are terrified that robots will take over the world one day, but I think it will turn out OK. Machinery has excelled at every other aspect of life they've taken over: Dishwashing, transportation and can opening being just a few examples. The robots' one colossal failure is the breakdown-prone Xbox 360, and even that's fun for a while before it malfunctions every third month.

Things will be pretty coolonce they take over the government. They'll provide universal health care via medicinal tubes, provide great security with Robocops and, best of all, brush your teeth for you with electric toothbrushes, which the dental assistants who chastise me about my dental hygeine biannually insist are better than regular toothbrushes.

So what if they take away all our personal freedoms, use us as batteries and send Terminators via time machines to destroy the mothers of would-be resistance leaders. Give a little, get a little is the way I see it.

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