Monday, December 15, 2008

Return of the 360

My Xbox 360 finally returned after its three-week hiatus. Well, not mine, but someone else's that broke and then was fixed well enough to send out to some other fool, that fool being me. I hope this one lasts several months, but if the disc drive is destined to break again I hope it happens within a year, because I don't want to have to lie again.

Ah, who am I kidding? I don't care when or how the 360 breaks because I'm blanketed in the comfor that Microsoft is aware that its products are crap and has agreed to replace them all for free in perpetuity (perpetuity in this case equals three years from purchase).

On the downside, it sort of blows to have the machine back because I was so productive in its absence. Now look at me - I should be going to sleep right now but I have yet to even finish this blog post because I've spent the past couple hours catching up on my gaming backlog. And I'll spend the next couple hours doing the same.

In positive news, I don't have a cold. Of course I'll probably get one now that my 360 has resumed depriving me of sleep.

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