Thursday, November 01, 2018

Book Report: "Dirty Sexy Games"

Dirty Sexy Games (Dirty Games Duet, #2)Dirty Sexy Games by Laurelin Paige
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This book was a colossal disappointment, failing to live up to its intriguing title. I went in expecting a "Cruel Intentions"-style tale of manipulation, lust and deceit, but got a bland tale of rich people dealing with rich people problems.

The lone intriguing conflict -- a man discovers on his wedding day that he has a two-year-old son he never knew about and conceals it from his wife on his honeymoon -- peters out about halfway through, turning this into a milquetoast tale of a couple working out marital difficulties.

Author Laurelin Paige spends copious time describing steamy sex between the couple in extreme detail. While eye-rollingly cliched, these passages are no doubt the most crowd-pleasing to its target audience, which is no doubt made up of readers who revel in having such pictures painted for them. Trashy, sure, but at least it's honest.

Paige could not have conjured a more pointless and unsatisfying story to weave her softcore porn around. Groan-inducing dialogue and dopey plot twists wait around every corner, and no real tension grows or twists emerge.

While Elena Wolfe and Jacob Morgan do an admirable job of narrating the insipid prose in alternating-perspective chapters in the Audible version, their efforts aren't close enough to making this worth your time.

Neither dirty nor all that sexy, these games aren't worth playing.

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