Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"Nidhogg 2" Switch Review

More than a year after it dropped on PS4 and Xbox One, "Nidhogg 2" romps through the figurative portal and busts onto the Switch. The arcadey, one-on-one action makes an apt fit with the device's sensibilities and controls.

The gameplay favors quick thinking and quicker reflexes. Precise, unencumbered aggression is usually the most effective way to dispatch your enemy and dash off to the other side of the screen, where you start the process over again.

The game amounts to a single-lane, two-player version of a MOBA, with the only path to success always heading straight through your opponent.

Developer Messhof didn't put much effort into advancing the visuals, but the gameplay is as tight and thrilling as predictable. Huge, wild momentum swings are always there to shake up the paradigm.

"Nidhogg 2" is at its best when one player unexpectedly disarms the other, setting up a frenzied power-grab. Do you risk your neck to lunge for the sword or projectile, hoping to squeeze in a quick, decisive kill? Or do you focus on manually stomping your enemy in hopes that you can beat him down before he can shank you?

The answer is always "dunno... but let's try and see what happens." Win or lose, you have no time to dwell on the result, because there's always another frantic battle to be fought.
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