Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"My Hero One's Justice" Review

The arena brawler "My Hero One's Justice" goes from zero to screen-filling-supers insanity in seconds. Wild, cinematic visuals make the game feel like a playable anime, making even the brutal beatdowns you suffer a treat to behold.

The Weekly Shonen Jump manga, with its roster of characters with outsize personalities and abilities, was ripe for a fighting game adaptation. Bandai Namco Games, which has had such success with "Dragon Ball Z" fighters, took on the project with its trademark visual zeal and storytelling panache.

Environments break down and shift, exemplifying the destructive power wielded by the likes of All Might, Deku and Tomura. Thunderous shouts accompany game-changing special moves, Quirks, summons, breakers and parries.

While some characters are overpowered and others are too weak for anyone but experts to expect success with, the diversity of powers makes for intriguing matchups, with ever-shifting power dynamics that lend to diverse types of pacing.

Unfortunately, the lack of balance also leaves openings for players who rely on repetitive money moves to succeed. You can easily find yourself helpless in multiplayer matches.

You get the feeling that developers funneled more resource into style than substance. But even when it's unfair, the game never fails to put on a thrilling show.

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