Sunday, November 25, 2018

"Battlefield V" Review

EA DICE has long thrived at the forefront of war sims, forging its own path while imitators came and went. The result of the experimentation hasn't always been triumphant -- the gonzo "Battlefield Hardline," anyone? -- but even the misfires seem to pay off masterfully.

The overall progression comes to a head in "Battlefield V," which draws heavily on the template of last year's "Battlefield 1." After a break from World War II, as gamers tired of the conflict, the developer gets back to its go-to conflict this time, pulling off the magnificent trick of finding fresh and vibrant tales for its campaign, as well as adding some fresh wrinkles to multiplayer that make it all but impossible to return to a previous online World War II shooter.

For years, "Battlefield" campaigns were inconsequential, but that all changed last year with the unorthodox, emotional World War I vignettes. As rival "Call of Duty" has scrapped single player entirely," "Battlefield" doubles down, distinguishing itself with a powerful, front-hopping collection of battlefield narratives that deepen your understanding of the massive, multifaceted war in a way no documentary or history book could approach.

Its smattering of antiheroes, unsung female combatants and common folk who rose to the occasion is breathtaking to behold. The research and sensitivity that went into constructing these stories is commendable.

An equal amount of thought and execution went into the multiplayer suite, which has always been and always will be the enduring reason to pick up a "Battlefield" game. Standout visuals blend with rock-solid netcode to craft a seamless experience. Something about the series' professionalism and somber tone has always drawn more serious gamers into the mix, making games less likely to be soiled by griefers who trolls who tend to deflate some other popular online destinations.

Some may argue that "Battlefield V" multiplayer could have benefited from more risk, but the story is not full written. With a promised Battle Royale mode still in the pipeline, "Battlefield V" promises to only grow in prominence as the months roll by. War may be hell, but "Battlefield V" is the opposite.
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