Sunday, November 25, 2018

"Trine Enchanted Edition" Switch Review

Since its PC release in 2009, "Trine" has captured the imagination of gamers with its fascinating puzzle-platforming. Along with two sequels, several rereleases of the original -- including the definitive "Enchanted Edition" -- have spread its spell over various platforms over two generations. The momentum remains strong as it makes its way to the Switch.

The side-scrolling platformer lets you alternate among Zoya, the arrow-shooting thief, Berlin, the object-conjuring wizard, and Pontius, the brute force-wielding knight. Each of the protagonists has specific skills that work in concert with the others to help you overcome the obstacles that lay ahead. Inventive puzzles, environmental hazards and enemies stand in your way, but are no match for well-coordinated teamwork.

Developer Frozenbyte, Inc. works with GameTrust to bring the best version of the game to Nintendo's home console-handheld hybrid. With online multiplayer in tow, the game looks and controls as well as ever, and is particularly accessible when playing on the go. "Trine" oddly has never appeared on cell phones, so this is the only way gamers can take "Trine" on the go.

The high fantasy, swords-and-sorcery details harken back to the heart of "Dungeons & Dragons," and the tale's narration lends a haunting reverence to the proceedings.

A satisfying enhancement to an already solid base, "Trine Enhanced Edition" succeeds as a perfect port of a game millions have enjoyed before, and will continue to adore in the future. Even if you've played "Trine" on several previous consoles, expect to feel the urge to re-up once more. Just knowing it's out there creates a "Trine"-sized hole in your Switch library.
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