Sunday, September 29, 2019

"Mable & The Wood" Review

As a warrior resurrected to fulfill a prophecy, you stroll through an interconnected realm in "Mable & The Wood," shaping your destiny with your choices in service of your vision. Your quest is open-ended and your path circuitous.

Triplevision Games' take on Metroidvania has a touch of "Mega Man," allowing you to take on the form and powers of bosses you defeat.

Non-lethal options abound, but the temptation to slay enemies abounds. The more you kill, the more abilities come to your disposal, but you also risk losing humanity in the exchange. The weighty take on morality lends an urgency and ups the intensity to the decisions you make.

Intense, melodic visuals meld with a haunting score and economical writing to craft a distinct experience that rewards you more in proportion to what you invest.

Occasional glitches and rough patches tend to disrupt the flow, and more direction and urgency could have given the game more of a narrative thrust. But what's here is an entrancing and creative package worthy of exploring.

Games like "Mable & The Wood" don't come along frequently. Here's hoping the game manages to find enough of an audience to give it the analysis and disucssion it deserves.

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