Sunday, September 22, 2019

"The Long Journey Home" Review

A procedurally-generated resource management survival travelogue, "The Long Journey Home" is crafted to test the mettle of even the most dedicated players. To succeed, you'll need to play with smarts, precision and selective risk management.

Following a 2017 PC debut and a 2018 port to Xbox One and PS4, the game makes its way to the Switch.

Developer Daedelic Studio West may have gone a little overboard in making "The Long Journey Home" as punishing as it is. The challenge level may be the main draw, but it's also the main cause of its frustration.

A strained menu system leaves you fighting against the interface as well as the environmental challenges, causing strain and misery that often makes extended play stations Sysiphean efforts.

At least it's a moderately varied slog every time out. With varied environments and item locations on each homeward voyage, there's always something fresh to take on.

On each voyage, you'll face a combination of several alien races, each of which presents its own set of challenges, as well as disparate ways to confront, manage and work with.

What "The Long Journey Home" lacks in polish and calibration it makes up, to a degree, in variety and panache. A mixed bag with plenty to digest -- as well as suffer heartburn over -- it brings the struggle of interstellar travel to brutal life.

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