Sunday, September 08, 2019

"NBA 2K20" Review

Forget about preseason. The NBA year truly starts when the annual "NBA 2K" entry drops. With no realistic competition around, the series continues to own the feel and thrill of hoops culture and gameplay. It's a credit to developer Visual Concepts that the series isn't content to rest on its accolades and is always striving for brilliance.

While there are few game-changing additions to "NBA 2K20" to set it apart from the past few entries in the series, the steady addition of new features, gameplay options and window dressing easily makes this year's entry feel captivating and cutting-edge.

The MyCareer mode is one of the most appealing go-to destinations. It allows you to live out your failed athletic dreams, grabbing attention from scouts, jockeying for draft position and working your way into the starting lineup. Juggling your business, image and basketball responsibilities makes you feel like an up-and-coming player dealing with a machine eager to chew him up.

You can use the NBA 2K20 app to upload your face onto your player, even though the accuracy of the scanning leaves much to be desired, and the name restrictions are ratcheted up to counterproductive levels.

The game provides real-time coaching and evaluations, judging every assist, shot selection and swipe at a ballhandler to give you a running grade of your performance.

In addition to MyGM and MyLeagye, there's also MyTeam a card-based fantasy game reminiscent of EA's Ultimate Team modes. Although the microtransactions and loot box-like card packs are wallet-drainers, there is much to be said about the steady satisfaction of putting together a roster made up with past greats and current phenoms and dominating the competition.

I played "NBA 2K20" on the Switch, and was particularly impressed with the visual fidelity and smooth animations on the underpowered system, as well as an evolved online infrastructure that hangs with what's available on PS4 and Xbox One. Connecting the app to my game was as simple as logging onto the app with my Nintendo ID. The ease of use expands the interface and allows you to shepherd your creations while on the go.

Continued enhancements including expanded, relevant commentary and a TV show with player interviews and relevant updates help sell the comprehensive feel of the package.

A dynasty that -- unlike the recent fall of the Warriors -- shows no signs of buckling, "NBA 2K20" reaffirms the franchise's stature as an integral pillar of what makes the game and its trappings so fascinating and compelling. The game makes you feel like you're in the club, and membership has its ever-satisfying privileges.

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