Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gabrielle Giffords owes me $1,000 a year

Thanks so much, Gabrielle Giffords, for your valiant work in getting FEMA to reconsider its flood plain classifications in Marana.

Your tireless effort has saved lots of homes from having to pay flood insurance, but guess what? The "study" you supported determined that random houses in my neighborhood, including mine (Cortaro Ranch, behind the IHOP at Cortaro and I-10), are now considered susceptible to floods. (In FEMA's earlier slapdash assessment, my 'hood was in the clear.) The house across the street from me is all good, as is my next-door-neighbor's neighbor. It's a relief that when the fearsome, Katrina-style cataclysm comes along to sweep us all away, I know I'll only need to swim a few feet to safety.

Anyway, this shenanigan means I'll have the pleasure of forking over more than $1,000 a year to an insurance company for no good reason. Gabrielle, I'm sure you're good for helping me out with the cash, right? Feel free to stop by and drop it off whenever you like.

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NMHIMA Message Board said...

Idiot! Obviously wrote by a Bee supporter pissed that Timmy is about to be thrown out of office.