Monday, October 20, 2008

Laptop battery

Laptop battery, why must you overestimate yourself so? Ten minutes ago your power bar was completely filled. Five minutes ago you were alarmingly down to 63 percent, but assured me you had well over an hour left in you. And now you're just about drained, and I'll take your insistence that you've got 32 minutes of you with a few shakers of salt.

Honestly, battery, how hard is it to give me an accurate estimate of the energy you've got left? If you've got 17 minutes total, just give it to me straight. None of this surprise attack nonsense. But no. Lies, lies and more lies. Not sweet little lies, either. Big, nasty ones that catch me unawares.

You sit on my lap, stare into my eyes and just mislead me with all sorts of empty promises and inflated dreams. I just can't trust you now. Sorry, but things between us will never be the same.

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