Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The hate kiss

You see it all the times on movies and TV shows. A man and a woman shout it up in a heated argument, then stare dumbfounded into each others' eyes and start making out.

It's obvious that the writers only come up with such scenes because they base them on personal experience - personal experience, in this case, being movies and TV shows they've seen.

My question is whether one real-life hate kiss has ever actually occurred. If it has, it was likely sparked by two people who got the idea while channel surfing. I'd like to see one in action just once. It would be like Halley's Comet, Mary-Kate Olsen chewing a bite of food or an Arizona Cardinals playoff appearance.

In fact, I propose a reality show - "Hate Kiss Monthly" - that culls footage of hate kisses worldwide from all the Google Earth spy cams and plays them in a montage. Sadly, there probably wouldn't even be enough material for one episode.

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