Tuesday, September 30, 2008

... And More!

When I was in high school my friend and I wanted to start a business called Pizza and a Movie, which would deliver you movie rentals of your choice along with your pizza. The trick was that the customer would be so lazy - why else would he patronize Pizza and a Movie in the first place? - and so enjoy our service, that he'd decide to place another order to return the movie, and thus get another pizza and another movie, and the cycle would continue until the end of time.

In select cities (none of them in Utah), we'd offer premium locations dubbed Pizza and a Movie... And More! The more, of course, being lap dances from strippers who would deliver the pizza and movie. This would be our huge moneymaker and lay the financial groundwork for the Pizzaandamovieandmore.com bowl, the annual college football national championship.

So the 21st century comes along and Netflix makes the idea obsolete. The business will never happen. Anyhow, my point here is that after all the rubble on Wall Street is cleaned away under a $700 billion rug, some of the new corporations and banks that emerge should affix the suffix "... And More!" to the end of their names. This is not to encourage lap-dancing strippers, mind you. It's just that the "... And More!" adds inherent value to businesses because it really gets people thinking as to what the "... And More!" means.

By the way, in a Biff-is-a-gambling-millionaire alternate reality, Pizza and a Movie... And More! exists. And it's huge, baby. And in that reality, Netflix is just some dumb idea written on someone's snarg (that's what blogs are called over there).

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