Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're winning the war in Iraq now

I'm so glad that the tide has turned and all of a sudden the Iraq situation is no longer a quagmire in which lives are being lost for no good reason. We're winning now, you see. What evidence do I have for that assertion? Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh say so. These guys do their research so I don't need to.

It's so, so awesome that we're winning. Now everyone who had Iraqi insurgents in the pool is screwed. And unpatriotic democrats must be slamming their Priuses in anger. It all turns out that Toby Keith was right and the Dixie Chicks were wrong. And George W. Bush is a military genius who played rope-a-dope for six years before unveiling his ace in the hole, a troop surge that solved everything and made terrorists give up on that whole Jihad thing. It's nice that things turned out this way, 'cause I was getting worried there for a while...

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