Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain should cancel Halloween

McCain shouldn't stop at postponing the debate. Why let the hedonistic holiday of Halloween go on during such a crisis?

How can we dress up like ghosts, vampires and whorish cats begging for candy when Behr Sterns is struggling financially? McCain is right. There should be no debates. We must put partisan politics aside and band together to give away free money, not candy.

And once this tribulation is overcome, how could we as a unified nation go back to trivial bickering and grandstanding? The simple answer is we just can't. Thus, there should be no election. We should come together, forget labels and just name McCain president. Or better yet, skip to the end of McCain's term and coronate our destined leader, Sarah Palin. As long as her passport gets mailed to her on time.

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