Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Color guard

I'm more than likely ignorant about this, but based on my observations of movie funerals I don't think there's a job in this world any easier than being in the color guard. I guess if you have a bad back it can get a little tough to stand there in place during particularly long-winded eulogies. And if you ever make a mistake, say, shooting one of the mourners during your 21-gun salute, that's one too many and you're going to prison. But really, how tough can it be?

Your friends are overseas putting their lives on the line. Even the luckier ones who have drawn administrative jobs and recruiter duty have to put in tough hours.

Cheer Ultra Liquid Detergent with Color Guard, on the other hand, has got it rough. Some of those stains are beasts to rinse out. Like mustard. Ugh, mustard. No easy task, cleaning mustard remnants off a shirt.

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