Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Simpsons

I type this as I'm watching the season premiere. My reasons why somewhere between loyalty and addiction. I know every episode of the last 10 years has blown, and that I should be saving my DVD space for the occasionally funny "Family Guy that follows it, and yet I feel compelled to re-up in Springfield every Sunday.

I'm like a crack addict who's hooked on the very worst crack in town, which never gets him high anymore, partially because he's so used to it and partially because it isn't even crack anymore, but crystallized laundry detergent. And not the good kind, either. Cheer.

And now, against my will and dignity, I've laughed. Flanders and Homer were in a car together, because the subject this week is an unfunny parody of buddy cop film. Homer says he likes AC/DC, Flanders says he likes the Christian cover band of AC/DC. Already I'm thinking "Wow, what genius. Another groundbreaking Flanders-is-a-dorky-Christian joke." And then Flanders starts singing "Dirty deeds, done for free." Homer joins in and I'm cracking up. Congratulations, Simpsons writers. You've won another 20 years of regret-laden loyalty.

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