Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gun Control

Although I am terrified of guns and will never own one, I don't begrudge people who keep them around. I just think they're a false security blanket that won't actually help you prevent a late-night break-in and are more likely to harm yourself or someone you love. Or someone it would be really awkward to kill, like your next-door neighbor's cat. Do that and you'll have a hard time asking them to get your mail for you the next time you go out of town.

I understand gun ownership more if you've got an empty nest. Firearms are impossible to keep safe from kids unless you lock them unloaded in a safe with a separate safe for the ammo. So if someone breaks in on you how could you possibly have enough time to unlock both safes, load the gun and cap the intruder? If people are bold and crazy enough to bust down my door, I'm not going after the dudes. My defense plan is to scoop up the kids and some important video games, then run away or hide while dialing 911.

If you take the Yosemite Sam route, you'd better be a sharp shooter under pressure. You do, however, have great odds of destroying your TV or computer, which is awesome because then you have a great excuse to go out and buy better ones.

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