Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Tarot Cards Really Mean

Sometimes you can get down in the dumps if you ask Tarot cards how your career prospects are going to turn out and you keep getting the death card. That's because you're not reading them in the right way. The beauty of Tarot cards is that they're so vague, and every symbol can be interpreted in a hundred different ways. If the cards actually could predict the future with precision, people would use them to find out lottery numbers, scores of tonight's NBA playoff games and which talk show host Jay Leno will randomly have fired.

So the death card can just as well mean you're going to "kill it" in that next job. And this is why without ever looking I can guarantee you that every dealing of a Tarot deck for me will predict that I will become a mega-billionaire king of everything. Because that's what the death card means to me.

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Jenny said...

How do you get a job writing Tarot cards? Let's start a company.