Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Wonder What A Drew Rosenhaus Guarantee Means

Superagent Drew Rosenhaus guaranteed client Rob Gronkowski, a former Arizona tight end, would be chosen in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Gronkowski didn't get picked, which everyone except for Rosenhaus and Gronkowski knew would happen. After all, Gronkowski hurt his back before last season started and didn't play all year, then chose to enter the draft in an effort that stunk of desperation, as if he was trying to cash out without having to prove he could still play at his pre-injury level. Since Gronkowski entered the draft partially due to Rosenhaus's ill-advised guarantee -- who wouldn't want to believe it when a smooth-talking power player tells you you're a surefire multimillionaire? -- I'm wondering what Rosenhaus's guarantee entails.

I say the agent owes Gronkowski the difference between Gronkowski's eventual salary and whatever the Saints pay the No. 32 pick, cornerback Patrick Robinson.

Rosenhaus should also vow to no longer fill gullible, egotistical Arizona superstars' heads with lies and thus rob the players and the fans of the success they deserve.

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