Friday, October 27, 2017

"Earth Atlantis" Review

The most eye-catching quality of "Earth Atlantis" is its art style, which is meant to resemble a living sketchbook influenced by "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" fever dreams. Giving you control of a weapon-equipped submarine, the game tasks you to navigate through hidden depths teeming with sharp, destructive obstacles and hostile seal creatures.

The Switch exclusive -- which has been granted a rebirth of sorts thanks to an update that fixed many previous problems -- is part of the flood of indie gems that have given Nintendo's handheld/home console hybrid so much momentum as of late. The side-scrolling action is an ample fit for the handheld mode, with mission design geared toward on-the-go play.

With deceptively simplistic gameplay that echoes the level design in that it reveals hidden depths and nuances the longer you play,  "Earth Atlantis" proves to be a welcome palate cleanser in between meatier first-party offerings. Sure, you may by the Switch for "Breath of the Wild" or "Super Mario Odyssey," but it's games like this that will keep the system as our on-the-go go-to.
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