Thursday, October 26, 2017

"Singstar Celebration" Review

After a lengthy hiatus, PlayStation stalwart "Singstar" finally makes its return to the PS4 for the first time since "Singstar Party." The new game wisely integrates PlayLink functionality, letting up to eight players use their phones as mini karaoke machines to join in embarrassing performances.

Although the opening track list is on the skimpy side, with only 30 tracks to get you going, there are hundreds more available to stream and download for a price. The business model seems to be to make you get sick of the included tracks due to repetition so that you will cough up extra dough to enjoy yourself. At least the $20 price point makes the initial investment easier to handle than previous games, which cost $40 or more.

The phone integration is a game changer, freeing you from the old wired microphone setup. If you use the PlayStation Camera, you can record your performances and upload them to Facebook or Twitter to share your tone-deaf exploits.

An enjoyable budget party game that works better in short spurts than it does marathon sessions, "Singstar Celebration" marks a savvy new turn for a longtime favorite.
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