Thursday, October 12, 2017

"The Evil Within 2" Review

"The Evil Within" seized the survival horror banner from "Resident Evil," which has long since evolved into more of an action-oriented escapade. In both the original 2014 "The Evil Within" and its impressive sequel, you find yourself scrambling in the dark to escape from overwhelmingly bleak scenes, left with only your wits and impulses to guide you through.

You once again play as Sebastian Castellanos, a cop suffering from a family tragedy who submits to a thought manipulation program called STEM in a desperate attempt to reunite with his daughter, who he believes died in a fire.

You sink into Sebastian's mind, a prison of psychoses. You find yourself confronting a series of nightmare-like hallucinations with limited resources at your disposal.

Customization options abound, starting from control options and difficulty levels at the onset. You can also load out your character with attributes that allow you to play the way you want to. If you prefer to confront your opponents with angst and ammunition, setting traps to lure in the big bads, have at it. If you would rather hone your stealth and hiding abilities, you can build your character to suit those purposes, thanks to a flexible suite of craftable materials.

Unlockables abound for those willing to devote the time to exploring the harrowing environments. The emphasis throughout is on survival despite horrific odds, and the horror comes from not only jum scares but a nagging sense of hopelessness. Flick off the lights, sink into a chair and enjoy an engrossingly agonizing horror experience.

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