Friday, October 13, 2017

"Raiden V: Director's Cut" Review

Originally released in 2016, MOSS's retro throwback bullet hell shooter has re-emerged in director's cut form on PS4. Those who are into classic shooters such as "Life Force" and "Galaga" will eat up the gameplay, which has you select your fighter craft and move it around the ever-scrolling screen as relentless enemy formations come at you.

The "Raiden" has been holding the genre's standard high since the early 1990s, when it was king of the arcades, and has ably shifted to consoles, where it serves as a welcome change of pace from more complicated games of today.

The main change from previous games is the graphics. The detail and particle effects of explosions, upgrades and weaponry is sharper and more vibrant, while the creativity of upgradable weapons remains consistent. Snake-like streams of weaponry, screen-frazzling smartbombs and pulse shields help you make your way through simplistic yet consistently challenging levels.

Ample difficulty settings allow newbies to taste the fun while providing a stiff challenge for vets. A compelling download for those looking for some lighter fare amid the coming onslaught of serious games, "Raiden V" is a welcome blast from the past.

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