Wednesday, October 04, 2017

"Sine Mora EX" Review

Newly released on Switch, "Sine Mora EX" is more than a quick and dirty port. The bullet hell escapade seems like a natural fit for Nintendo's handheld/home console hybrid.

Even if you rock a colossal TV with surround sound, the game plays far better when in handheld mode.

With the ability to hunch over, glue your eyes to the screen and exact sweet vengeance on the swarms of enemy aircraft that have been pummeling you into oblivion.

While the game was a superb effort in its original form, and especially its enhanced EX mode, "Sine Mora" shines brightest on the Switch. If you own Nintendo's console, the infinitely replayable shooter is well worth the $30 it costs to add to your library.

Publisher provided review code.

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