Tuesday, October 24, 2017

"Numantia" Review

"Numantia" is a game for those who toiled away nights in "Advance Wars," "Might and Magic" or "Civilization" games. With hex-grid, turn-based strategy tempting you to truck through one more turn that turns into endless turns, it's a fevered, addictive experience that enraptures you, taking you into its overlooked historical era.

Set in ancient Rome, the rebellious colony of Numantia is attempting to overthrow their Roman Republic overlords. You can play as either the side that sees itself as freedom fighters or that of the Roman peacekeepers, engaging in fortified battles to take over key chokepoints and resources to out-think and out-maneuver the enemy into submission.

With a saga that plays out for more than 20 years, you take control of a twisting narrative that bends to your successes and failures on the battlefield. Controlling 30 units with diverse capabilities, you decide offensive or defensive postures, how to utilize specialized ranged units and weighing short-term risks vs. long-term advantages.

Spanish developer RECOtechnology a breakthrough, marking one of the most impressive achievements of its country's fledgling indie game scene. "Numantia" proves that while turn-based strategy may be out of fashion, it remains as relevant as ever if executed with the proper enthusiasm and precision. Here's hoping the developer works the hex grid of game marketing to make a lasting impact.

Publisher provided review code.

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