Saturday, October 14, 2017

"Echo" Review

A third-person sci-fi adventure that adapts to the style and choices you establish, "Echo" tells the story of En (Rose Leslie), a space traveler who emerges from cryo-sleep to explore a palace that manifests traces of her former life.

The palace is a haunting realm that reflects En's actions, acting as a character that analyzes, baits and subtly mocks her -- acting as a puzzle that needs to be manipulated and overcome.

Although developer Ultra Ultra does a solid job of establishing an exotic setting, it falls a bit short with narrative thrust. En moves so slowly that you wish there was an option to sprint. The open-ended level design compounds the frustration of taking an incorrect path.

Still, the narrative's meditative and introspective tone serves as a welcome departure from most of the fast-paced, visceral fare that has flooded the marketplace. "Echo" is a methodical, cerebral journey that tends to lull you into its hypnotic pull.

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