Thursday, October 26, 2017

"Knowledge is Power" Review

Sony's line of PlayLink games are geared to open up your living room to mass multiplayer without the unrealistic requirement of buying several controllers.

"Knowledge is Power" is a simple yet insanely fun trivia game that accomplishes the feat by letting several players link up using their cell phones to answer questions.

Competition is the name of the game here, and the developer took a shortcut by eliminating AI competition. That makes the game a solely player vs player affair, which won't even let you past the intro screen unless multiple people download the app and connect to the game. Families with cell phone-free children can use tablets as a workaround.

The categories and questions available provide a wide range of general knowledge, making the game sort of a "Jeopardy" lite. The interface is visually appealing and there is enough variety to keep things from repeating too often.

A solid ice breaker for awkward acquaintances and excellent way to share a baseline interactive competition for a group of friend or family members, "Knowledge is Power" is a welcome addition to the PS4 lineup that's hopefully a sign of further cheap, accessible efforts to come.

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