Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Blade Strangers" Review

A throwback 2D fighter with tight controls, well-balanced characters and flashy visuals, "Blade Strangers" is all about pitting cult favorite heroes against each other in one-on-one slugfests.

Characters largely from Studio Saizensen and Nicalis games including "Cave Story," "Shovel Knight," "Code of Princess" and "The Bind of Isaac" all appear, ready to slug it out in an incongruous but immensely satisfying arena fighter. The game thrives on setting up bizarre "what if" matches that likely only popped into the heads of the most obsessive indie gamers.

Those familiar with the likes of "Street Fighter II" and "BlazBlue" will be comfortable with the four-button control scheme, 2D fighter setup and victory conditions.

Although the game was crafted with traditional tropes, the flashy battles that emerge are anything but common. A thrilling sense of energy courses through the competition, with an appealing array of specials, breakers and finishes splashing the screen with thrilling standoffs, slugfests and comebacks.

Playing like a lost classic from the 1990s that happens to be stacked with some of the more popular under-the-radar gaming characters in recent years, "Blade Strangers" cranks out just the sort of fan service you may not have even realized you had been craving.

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