Tuesday, August 21, 2018

"Flipping Death" Review

If "The Sixth Sense" were adapted into a funky, side-scrolling game with a touch of the intriguing but bungled premise of "Murdered: Soul Suspect," the best-case result would be something close to "Flipping Death."

Death has taken a vacation, letting you toggle between the worlds of the living and dead at will. You solve puzzles by swapping the realms, solving the problems of those in both planes of existence by retrieving insight and taking action on the other.

After your character has died, you get the unique opportunity to investigate the reasons you were dispatched from the land of the living. Along the way, you act as something of a ghost whisperer, allowing tormented spirits to attain the peace they desire.

A fascinating gothic art syle, accompanied with an energetic soundtrack, help bring the game to life. "Flipping Death" is packed with intriguing puzzles to chew on and an involving story that hooks you from the start. The game is a macabre delight that puts the "switch" into the Switch.
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