Wednesday, August 22, 2018

"Kero Blaster" Review

Pixel's follow-up to the beloved "Cave Story" may not have set the world on fire when it was released last year, but it manages to charm and disarm by marking out its  own distinctive path. The side-scrolling shooter delivers ample challenge amid its ludicrous thrills. The setting, a world of anthropomorphic animals who whine about work, is head-shakingly relatable.

Starting off with poor weaponry, you die often, get sent to the hospital and re-emerge with revitalized gusto, equipped with more funds to deck yourself out with a more effective arsenal. As you inch your way through the game, you relish the opportunity to size up your mistakes, reload and come back for more.

An odd duck that embraces its quirks with open eyes and arms, "Kero Blaster" delivers as many smiles as it does deaths. And it deals a heck of a lot of deaths.

Publisher provided review code.

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