Thursday, August 16, 2018

"Red's Kingdom" Review

"Red's Kingdom" is a push puzzle reminiscent of minigames in the "Professor Layton" series. You push your hero vertically or horizontally, and he doesn't stop until he runs into an object standing in his way.

The challenge is deceptively simple, but making your way through the levels is nevertheless satisfying.

Developer Cobra Mobile has a knack for constructing intricate levels that often baffle you with solutions hidden in plane sight. You work your way through the possibilities, trying out theories unsuccessfully, then doubling back and regrouping, collecting items and treasures along the way.

A slight, rhythmic palate cleanser that makes for a light break away from more arduous fare on the Switch, the game's difficulty ramps up considerably once you make your way through the early, training wheels levels.

The art style sounds similar notes of approachable intricacy as the level design. Polished and approachable, "Red's Kingdom" provides an escalating challenge that works nicely in the quick-hit, play-and-pause portable style that on-the-go gamers crave.

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