Sunday, August 26, 2018

"HackyZack" Review

With shades of "N+" and "Super Meat Boy," "HackyZack" is a single-room puzzle-platformer extravaganza that starts off simply before piling on stiff challenge as you advance.

It takes finely honed critical thinking, quick reflexes and a well-calibrated sense of timing to keep advancing. Many puzzlers disguise the one way to advance with window dressing, but the "HackyZack" dev team opts for a more open approach, providing multiple paths to victory.

As you orchestrate your hero's jumping skills through the increasingly complex levels, you generate a feel for the way you prefer tackling obstacles. Expect to have to re-evaluate your strategies regularly. On-the-fly adjustments help you adapt to the more agonizing challenges, thrusting you onward to take on the next task.

While Goal Mode focuses on the traditional find-the-exit objective, Target Mode has you seek out and destroy diamonds planted in various spots on the map.

No matter which mode you take on, you can appreciate the minimalist graphics, easygoing soundtrack and creative design. While suitable for all ages, "HackyZack" will cause hassles for the most seasoned puzzle gamers.
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