Thursday, August 30, 2018

"Freedom Planet" Review

A fast-paced brawler in which a dragon girl leads her oddball friends in a spirited romp through a colorful world. Insects, megalithic androids and bizarre beasts straight out of monster movies stand ready to be dispatched by whatever wacky means necessary.

Originally released four years ago on PC and Wii U, the under-the-radar gem springs to new life on the Switch, where it fits in well with the cadre of indie-style gems that thrive on the system.

The dev team's philosophy seems to have been to prize fun above all else. In a journey that brings to mind the silliest offerings of the TurboGrafx-16 era, "Freedom Planet" excels with slick combat and energetic pacing.

True to the inspiration of its origins, the difficulty level is squarely on the tougher side of the equation. But the challenge is earned because of the way the opponents are stacked, helping you hone the sharp edges you'll need to advance to the next menaces that lie in wait.

A breezy, whimsical chase through blooming fever dreams, "Freedom Planet" sends you freewheeling through increasingly fascinating sights and experiences.
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