Wednesday, August 01, 2018

"The Inner World" and "The Inner World -- The Last Wind Monk" Switch Review

Over the last half decade, German developer Studio Fizbin has done its part to keep the adventure/puzzle genre alive. "The Inner World" series, which turned heads in the indie PC game community, seeks a new audience on the Switch.

Making ample use of the controller layout and screen real estate, the exploits of Robert and Emil, the respective protagonists of "The Inner World" and "The Inner World -- The Last Wind Monk" come to life. Intricate menu systems make it easy to juggle items and actions, and those meld with the "Adventure Time"-like animation to conjure an ethereal aura of intrigue and discovery.

Both games, sold separately, are set in the oddball, clockwork-like realm of Asporia, which is locked away from general society and shrouded in a mesh of intermeshed oddballs, with conspiracies and conflicting agendas abounding. Lurking beneath the simplistic facade are dark, mature themes that explore serious psychological depths.

You'll get the most out of the games by taking your time and exploring the hidden corners in which the devs have lodged assorted Easter eggs and non sequiturs. "The Inner World" games thrive on their sense of assured eccentricity, blossoming to vibrant life in their own insular realm of exploration-based brain teasers. If you're a Switch owner looking for something methodical and breezy, you should do yourself a favor to seek out these "Inner Worlds."
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